The Shenandoah Club is the oldest, continuously-operating private club in Virginia, having been established by the original members in 1893. For more than a century, the Club has provided members with a quiet and luxurious setting for lunches and dinners, receptions, business meetings,educational events, holiday programs and other activities for the lady and gentlemen members, their children, and guests.

Today’s more than four hundred members reflect Roanoke’s and Western Virginia’s leaders in the world of commerce, industry, the health professions, the law, education, government, the sciences, and the social structure. Membership is by member referral.

When you enter from the Club parking lot on Bullitt Avenue, you step into a world of quiet elegance: polished wood floors, oriental rugs,framed art, classical chairs and couches in conversational groupings.  Awaiting you at the end of the hallway is the spacious main dining room where linen and silver table settings gleam under colonial chandeliers, and light filters through plantation shutters. There, the dining room’s uniformed staff await your selection of gourmet foods and beverages.By elevator, or stairway, you can descend to the beautiful Shenandoah Room and bar, where members and guests can gather for Club or private receptions, luncheons, dinners, dances, parties, and other festive and cosmopolitan events. Proper attire ensures the positive ambience sought by members and their families and guests when gathered on the first and second floors.

On the third floor, you step into a reception area with a fireplace and group seating. Beyond it, you are welcomed by the staff to a small,paneled dining room and bar where you can relax and satisfy your every food/beverage wish. For your leisure, there are several small game rooms along the hallway leading to a large room with pool tables and seating accommodations.

The third floor has its own entrance from the parking lot, allowing members the freedom of urban/casual attire and quick access to a bite to eat between the office and gym. The happy hour bar and lounge is the place to relax in the evening with fellow members who also are building their businesses and careers.

Thus, at the Club, social and hospitality opportunities abound: cocktail parties, banquets and buffets, holiday dinner dances, open houses, theatricals, musical evenings, off-site tours, lectures, golf tournaments, and more. A wide range of entertainment tastes are satisfied: jazz nights, country musician-humorist performances, the blues, beach music, the classics, etc.

Special spouse programs are offered in addition to brunch, luncheon and dinner services for ladies and their guests, and happy holiday activities are fun-filled highlights for the children. The Club thus pairs classic elements with modern accents for everyday versatility, creating an ideal balance of elegance and comfort, form and function, simplicity and sophistication.

The Club’s dynamic management team is recognized by professional certification and experience, as are the chefs and sous chefs who create eclectic cuisine in the gleaming kitchens.

Direct mailings, newsletters, e-mail notices and event calendars keep members informed of the activities available seven days a week for their enjoyment. The Club has even embraced social media, using both Facebook and Twitter to great effect.

Located in downtown Roanoke, the Club is easily reached on foot from Roanoke’s business, commerce, government, and health centers. On-site parking is available for members.

For over a century, the Shenandoah Club has provided its members and their guests with the finest social and hospitality opportunities to relax among friends in an atmosphere of fellowship. It does so by creating a warm and welcome atmosphere where every member and guest is treated with courtesy and respect. The Club continues this mission into its second century with enthusiasm and pride.